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Phone sessions are used by my clients in an emergency, rather then to replace a regular session, however there are times when they are necessary. Those who live in remote areas and the weather is bad, those who work on third shift, those who are caring for a family member who is homebound, those who are disabled, and/or those who are too embarrassed to be seen entering a counselor's office now have a convenient, non-threatening way to make a start in counseling. People who have difficulty getting to an office now can ask questions about their concerns, get some basic information about what is troubling them and/or engage in an ongoing counseling relationship

Travel time plus the time for the appointment means that for some clients a weekly counseling session involves several hours. Then there are the people who work varied hours or two jobs and get what sleep they can during daytime hours. If the choice is counseling or sleep, sleep is the clear winner. Finally, itís a simple fact that most people don't have jobs that allow them to take off part of a day every week to go off to an appointment.

I have found working together by phone can be a good substitute for office visits at those times when Life Issues makes in-person psychotherapy sessions difficult. We can establish a good working relationship and I can communicate in a way that is helpful to you without us being in the same room.

Telephone consultations are especially beneficial for those people who are having trouble finding a competent therapist in their area. This new format allows more people, no matter where they are located, to benefit from my extensive training and experience.

Finally, it alleviates the stress of getting to the office if that is an issue for you. You may be surprised to learn that even though my practice is in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, I have worked with people who live in many areas of the Continental U.S and Overseas.

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